Liferay Assets Integration

(November 2012, working on Liferay versions 6.1.x)


       If you arrived here thinking that you could treat a row in your table like a Liferay Asset, just like a forum post or a blog entry, YOU ARE RIGHT, isn't it great!!.  Your programming efforts just became smaller, you can create great complex applications very fast, see this example we used on the Liferay Madrid Symposium 2012 to get a taste. (is in Spanish).


      Lets imagine we have a products definition with Id, Name and description and we add assets integration like this:


<title>Products Maintenance</title>


          The incredible nice first result when we add a row in our portlet is this:


    A bird?, a plane?, nop, assets on my portlet!!!, I can add categories, tags, relate to other assets, and when I submit and edit the row again......


     Yeap, I get ratings and Comments, not photoshop, this is real. And yes, is an asset so if you are thinking if you could show your rows on an asset publisher, don't wonder any more, YES YOU CAN, see here:


   You can even edit your rows from the asset publisher if you have edit permision :


        Yes, dont ask your self any more, you have search capabilities and all the assets benefits. Hope you like it as much as we do, here you have the xml definition for this demo   AssetsIntegration.xml   and the generated war AssetsIntegration-portlet-