Export to Excel

(November 2012 working on Liferay versions 6.0.x & 6.1.x)

               Who in the developers context, have not been in the need of exporting data to an Excel sheet.  All the time the programmers receive comments like "I need an Excel with the customers file....". Moisés Belda, a software engineer at Activa, knows this very well, so he contributed this new feature that will definitely solve this requests, without having to do a single line of extra code.
             Let me give you an example. We have a sample portlet with dog names and their breed (as a validation field to breeds file) like this:
          We need to have permission to access configuration --> preferences like this:
This action, will show the preferences and the new tab named "Export" that we must select:
And this action will download a new excel sheet with all the rows in the file, like this:
     As you can see, you get the file AND THE VALIDATION, nice uh? from here I want to send thanks again, to Moisés Belda who programmed this great contribution.