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Tags and Categories not saved when form is multipart

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Hi all, thanks for this useful tool.
I found a possible bug, or maybe some misunderstanding.
When a form includes a file upload, tags and categories are not saved.
In fact, the _assetTagNames and _assetCategoryIds are empty in the serviceContext variable.
This happens in both updateXXX and addXXX.
I tested regenerating the code without <document> and <image> tags, and indeed it get back to work properly.
Apparently, the problem is in extractFields() which rewrites the request variable. However, I checked the serviceContext in the original request: tags and categories are already missing.

The topic is probably the same as post
but ...
1) I do not understand completely their suggestion, which is probably more complex that shown
2) I'd like to listen an "official" opinion.

I'm using the 6.1 version.
Please note: I'm working with the .vm files in /Resources, so any suggestion to fix the problem by myself is welcome.

Thanks, Andrea