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Expando Attributes with XMLPF
10/22/16 10:03 PM
I am looking for a way to add the expando capability to a selected new custom entities I have developed and be able to manage those entities using the XMLPF generated portlets as well.
I do not believe tht functionality has been itroduced in the current feature set.
Also, the expado API documentation is somewhat thin to say the least and I am in somewhat of a time crunch to get this done.
Looking for some advice on:
In addition to the Portlet java and view/edit JSP templates, where else would I need to make changes in order to be able to do CRUD operations on the new entities with custom attributes?
Also, I need to expose those new entities in the "Custom Fields" portlet in the LR Control Panel. I found an article by Jonas Yuan here ( and followed it. Maybe I can incorporate in the code generation templates if I can add a custom tag to the schema to selectively enable those entities.
Another way I had in mind was to generate a table with attribute types and attributes and kind of mimic the Expando API but through the use of XMLPF.

Any recommendations / suggestions?