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XMLPortletFactory is a software tool that creates database tables maintenance (CRUD) portlets from XML files.  Portlets generated only work on Liferay portals, and come out with source files (JSPs, .java, etc.) so programmers can extend and modify whatever is being generated to suit your software development needs.  In Help and Support section you will find Wikis, Tutorials and samples to get started.

With XMLPortletFactory you will be able to generate full CRUD working portlets with ease, accelerating your development process, allowing you to focus on higher level tasks.

XMLPortletFactory is licensed under the terms of GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3), and is OS Independent.

Note: XMLPortletFactory is still a young project, which ha not passed all possible tests and although is very solid and I use it in production environments, you should use it after appropriate tests.

Some of the most noticeable benefits

  • Frees you of 99% coding time in CRUD table maintenance portlets. You obtain full working portlet with all source code, programmers heaven!!!.
  • No more problems with versions. You make one XML file, generate portlet in all 6.0.x, 6.1.x and 6.2.x versions of Liferay.
  • Forget about creating tables. Because XMLPortletFactory uses Liferay's  service builder, tables are automatically created for you at portlet deployment.
  • Languages English, French, Italian, Finnish and Spanish allready implemented, easy to implement other languajes.
  • Is GPLv3 licensed. The GNU General Public License is a free, copyleft license for software and other kinds of works.
  • Your developed XMLs get the benefits of new XMLPortletFactory developments and improvements. 
  • Generated portlets use Liferay's search container, tags, etc. so they have very "Liferay" behavior, melting very well with themes.


Saludos,  Jack A. Rider

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Expando Attributes with XMLPF

I am looking for a way to add the expando capability to a selected new custom entities I have developed and be able to manage those entities using the XMLPF generated portlets as well.
I do not believe tht functionality has been itroduced in the current feature set.
Also, the expado API documentation is somewhat thin to say the least and I am in somewhat of a time crunch to get this done.
Looking for some advice on:
In addition to the Portlet java and view/edit JSP templates, where else would I need to make changes in order to be able to do CRUD operations on the new entities with custom attributes?
Also, I need to expose those new entities in the "Custom Fields" portlet in the LR Control Panel. I found an article by Jonas Yuan here ( http://web.liferay.com/web/jonas.juan/blog/-/blog/adding-custom-attributes-capabilities-on-custom-assets-in-liferay-6-through-plugins) and followed it. Maybe I can incorporate in the code generation templates if I can add a custom tag to the schema to selectively enable those entities.
Another way I had in mind was to generate a table with attribute types and attributes and kind of mimic the Expando API but through the use of XMLPF.

Any recommendations / suggestions?

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