Help and Support Area


              So you have been working with XMLPortletFactory, "The CRUD portlet generator tool", and now you need to coment or sugest some feature, maybe receive some type of assistance. For that kind of matters there are now a few possible roads.


                           1.- I have some private comment or question --> Use contact form. I will receive an email and I will get to you as soon as possible.

                           2.- I have a general question or I have a solution to one posted. --> Use the Forum (you have to create an account, but is free and ease).

                           3.- I use XMLPortletFactory a lot and need to be informed of news --> Use the Forum RSS feed, there is a news thread (I will try to post there all the news)

                           4.- I need documentation. --> Use Wiki is a volunteer effort and we like you to participate. Today it has 3 categories Installation / Using / Customization.

                           5.- I know very well XMLPortletFactory & portles and want to offer software services --> Use contact form. I will try to post a page with them.


           Note:  Remember this is about open software and helping the community, try to be polite and use this comunication tools with common sense.