Need to learn how to install XMLPortletFactory?

            - Here you have a complete, step by step tutorial on how to install our tool, with it you will see how easy is to install and execute XMLPF.  It shows the two ways of running it, comand line via ant, and desktop.

            - Get it up and running following this four steps tutorial.




         Getting confused with XMLPortletFactory definitions file?

         Now you have a video tutorial explaining how to build an XML definition file, tags are seen one by one, most field types, order, filter and much more.

          See how each part of the definition, affects your final result, with a real example exercise. Find below the XML file definition and the generated portlet for Liferay version 6.0.6.


        The XML file definition :     SimplePortletExercise.xml

         The generated portlet war file:    simplePortletExercise-portlet-