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Validation of fields with existing Liferay entities

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As part of my project I am using existing Liferay entity objects, like Phone, Country, Region, Address, etc and need to present them as part of one of my custom entities (Contact Manager entity).
The schema for XMLPF fo LR6.2 allows to specify a fully qualified classname for the validation class, but the generated code is incomplete / wrong and does not compile either.
I have been looking for a way to make this part of the templates for generating the code ( I believe it is not that difficult to do), but I could use a bit of guidance which templates will need to be modified to make this "new feature" available.
The main issue is that the current templates only look at the custom developed entities and only import the XXXLocalServiceXXX. But the LR OOB entities only expose the remote service for interacting with those (and rightfuilly so).
If anyone knows of a better way to do this with the released version 3 of XMLPF, please, let me know.