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New Features, now chain validations supported

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Hello again community,

Many of you were asking for a way to automatically populate one combo box depending on other. Well, magic here again, just uploaded a new version on that suports this new feature, just include <depends> tag, with the local application field name that is going to be selected in the fist combo, and the field name of the validation table that is going to be filtered to populate the second combo. Now XMLPortletFactory will do the work for you.

 2    <className>Provinces</className>
 3    <fieldName>provinceId</fieldName>
 4    <orderByField>provinceName</orderByField>
 5[b]    <depends>
 6        <localFieldName>customerCountryId</localFieldName>
 7        <againstFieldName>provinceCountryId</againstFieldName>
 8    </depends>

For more information visit example page where there is a detailed explanation and source code and xml..

Chain validations are only available for 6.1 templates, if you need it backported to 6.0.x generations send me a line.

Saludos, Jack.

Pd.: I will like to thanks Iren Lorenzo for the help, she made all of the sample code, so translation to xmlpf is been much more easy.