One Table, Two Fields with filters Example



         For our client "goodclient" we are doing a portlet project called "xmlpfexampleD" where we want to create a users table maintenance, where there are two fields one is the "userName" and the other is the "userCity". We want to be able to search in this two fields with some tipe of filter, like in user maintenance of Liferay control panel.


         This is how the portlet will look in the page with Liferays Classic theme. Observe that there is a "Filter" field on the top righ side of the portlet. 


        This is how the portlet will look after inserting the word "Beni" in the filter field and pressing the "Filter" button.


          Here you have the full XMLPortletFactory xml file.


          And here you have the portlet war generated. (for liferay 6.0.6)


          If you want to use this example you can follow instructions here DOCUMENTATION