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XMLPortletFactory Release 3.0 for Liferay 6.2.x Announcement

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   Hello community,

            Finally we got XMLPortletFactory working on 6.2.0 GA1.  Once again Juan Gonzalez del Pino, hast used many of his last weekends to have ready this new release that comes with very nice improvements that you will love.  Please visit Github for the latest Source Code or Sourceforge for the clasic download.

            There has been some bug fixes like:
  • On the search form did not execute any action
  • Document library field types did not work when selecting existing documents in Liferay

            And also there has been many improvements like:

  • Code cleaning and refactoring.  
  • New Github repository  (See
  • Now every generated portlet is "Responsive". Nice uh?
  • Changes on the javascript code to use Alloy UI where posible.
  • Elimination of <Image> field type. Since 6.1 of lifeay all is Document Library. If using 6.1, still exists
  • Separation of XSD for each SDK version. Now better restrictions are applied to XML file definitions.
  • And the last but probably the BEST, Recycle bin Support. Just add <trash>true</trash> and the magic will happen.

        Feel free to make pull request on the GitHub repository, we trully think that will bring new contributors to the project, having a faster evolution and bug fixing.

   Saludos,  Jack.

    Pd.: Remember to thank Juan del Pino for its invaluable contribution to this and many other projects of the Open Source Arena. Without his help this would not be viable.