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Welcome 2.1 release

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Welcome 2.1 release
6/25/12 6:15 PM
Hello community,

I am proud to present what I think is the best version of XMLPortletFactory, it comes with many small fixes and improvements that makes it more reliable and stable than ever. Participating on the development of these programs, has left me with a permanent smile.

One of the things I like more of this release, is the amount of Liferay developers that have participated on it, let me introduce them.

- Moisés Belda, among other things fixed double submission topic, IP error message for regexp, he is currently working on MS Excel data import and export, good job Moisés.
- Jose Parra fixed duplicated row insertions when errors occurred, also made great collaboration on testing the project, etc.
- Davide Rossi, has made a great collaboration on I18n, now is all UTF-8, so life is much easier when translating to other languages.
- Eric Le Bail, also contributed with improvements on XML definition for project package attribute that I am now implementing.

But, if releases had a name, this release would be "Juan Gonzalez del Pino", because he made an enormous programming work, implementing Liferay permissions, that was such an important feature missing in the project, and now is there for your use and enjoyment. He is also responsible for indexes in filters, improvements on pagination, OpenSearch Implementation, and many, many, other improvements. We are still welcoming his workflow contribution, and he is allready with all this new features.

Thank you all !!! emoticon

Pd.: As allways new version files have been uploaded to

If you need instructions on installing or using get a fast start with this video tutorials.